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Ruth Helen McBurney

Kenneth Benjamin Williams 2,51

  • Born: 28 Apr 1915, Mentieth, Glenwood, Manitoba, Canada 2,51
  • Marriage: Ruth Helen McBurney on 14 Jul 1940 in Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2,51
  • Died: 12 Feb 1998, Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada at age 82 2,51
  • Buried: 16 Feb 1998, Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2,25,51

bullet  General Notes:

The following was submitted by Ken Williams to the publication " Botany District The First 100 Years":

I was born at Menteith on S.W. 21-7-22 and later moved to S.E. 20-7-2 2 with my family in 1928. We had been in the Forbes School District bu t were now in Whitefield School District, but we continued attending s chool at Forbes. I completed ten years of schooling there in 1931. I w orked with my family on the farm for the next ten years. We had a lo t of hard work to do daily - barns to clean, feed to haul, grain crush ing, and lots of wood to cut to heat our home along with some Souris c oal. We had little or no money in the 30's, but we were able to eat we ll off the farm and able to keep as warm as was possible in the house s of that time. With plenty of work to do and a fine community spirit , time was never a burden.
In 1934, the Janz boys, Doug, Lloyd, John and I began getting togethe r for some self amusement and in a year or two began playing at a fe w of the small dances. This continued until the war broke us up. We di d get enough to pay expenses in later years, and we had a lot of enjoy ment doing it. We would get together at their home or ours on Sunday a fternoons to practice. I well remember many fine times and meals at th e Janz home, also the wonderful barn dances in the hayloft there whe n John Love and the Vandusen family, known as the Underhill Joy Caster s, were supplying the music. It was without a doubt the finest dance m usic one could wish for.
In 1937 I rented S.W. 23-7-22 and purchased this land in 1938. I als o rented N.W. 14-7-22 from Fred Wenman and purchased it in 1943. Thes e two parcels of land were known as the Sam Binions farm. I remember s pending some happy times here with the Binions family when we were you ngsters. One night in a violent thunder storm we were herded into th e little closet under the stairway to protect us from the lightning.
In July 1940, Ruth McBurney and I were married in Souris. Ruth was th e daughter of Jack and Annie McBurney of Simmie, Saskatchewan. She wa s born at Menteith but moved with her family at an early age to Claydo n, Saskatchewan where her father had taken up a homestead. In August 1 940, Ruth returned to Simmie to complete her teaching term and returne d to Souris at Christmas of that year. For most of that winter Ruth ke pt house for her brother, Lloyd and his wife June in Souris, until th e eventual passing of June in March 1941. Ruth received her educatio n in Saskatchewan at Claydon, Gull Lake and Admiral. She took her teac her's training in Moose Jaw and returned to teach near her home distri cts for a number of years. She had hard times to contend with also. Wa ges were in the thirty to forty dollars a month range. She only receiv ed fifteen dollars at the time to pay for board and to buy clothes, a s there was very little money. However, notes were issued for the bala nce and it was in the mid forties when her back pay started to come th rough and then came in small amounts.
On May 19, 1941 we moved here to buildings that were in acute disrepai r. We were trying to complete seeding and as a result Ruth was saddle d with the job of making two rooms in the house livable. After much so ap and water it looked good to us and we were able to move our bit o f furniture in and were quite comfortable. There was still lots to b e done but it would have to wait for better times. One of our main pro blems was a lack of a good water supply. We did not have much stock an d had to haul water from the river after the spring run off dried up . About 1945 Jonathan McDonald drilled a well for us 150 feet deep. I t was a bit salty but very soft so our water problems came to an end . Looking back, it was a real bargain at a dollar a foot, but would ha ve been a Godsend at almost any price.
Our son, Wayne, was born January 21, 1943 in one of the most bitter wi nters ever. The trips to town could be time consuming and very cold wi th the trails in poor condition. We were happy to have access to the t rain at Schwitzer Junction, a mile away. We could drive there and pu t several teams in Mr. Loberg's little barn or leave them at the Nixo n farm close by. The train came from the west about 1 P.M. and arrive d back at Schwitzer around 4 P.M., allowing us time for shopping and g etting our mail. It was quite some time before we had a good winter ro ad all the way to Souris. Perhaps our greatest convenience was the da y in 1949 when the hydro arrived.
Ruth served as secretary for the Botany School Board for some time bef ore and after the first closure. She took the books when Mina Morden w ished to give them up. I also served as trustee for a few years and re member some busy times when a basement was put under the building an d a new heating system installed. We would also go there and build a s tage to accommodate the children for the Christmas concert. One day Do n McKinnon came over from Monteith with a forked willow and located wh at he thought would be a good spot for a well. Don Janz was hired to t ry for water. He put a post hold auger down, I think about fifteen fee t, and put in a galvanized casing and pump. This turned out to be goo d water and lasted the rest of the school days at Botany.
From 1940 on we have continued to work N'h 10-7-22. Wayne completed hi s education in Souris and his wish was to stay on the farm. We purchas ed section 2-7-22 and Wayne has purchased several small parcels of lan d near the river and also Mike Romanack's farm. We have worked in part nership arrangements through the years and continue to live on the lan d section 2-7-22 purchased in 1958.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

1916 Census of Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta): Twp. 7, Rge. 22, W1, 1916. 75 Souris, Manitoba, Canada
P. 11, Lines 48 - 50, P. 12, Lines 1 - 5, Household 125;
Kenneth, age 1, with father Benjamin, age 30, mother Alice, age 27, an d siblings Charles, age 6, John, age 4, Jean, age 3, with labourer He nry Chic, age 21, and servant Grace Mores, age 14.

1921 Census of Canada, 1921. 167 Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Brandon, Glenwood Municipality, Sec. 21, Twp. 7, Rge. 22, W1, p. 10, l ines 32-39, household 99;
Kenneth, age 6, with father Benjamin, age 35, mother Alice, age 32, si blings Charles, age 11, John, age 10, Jean, age 8, Ruth, age 6 months , and servant Thomas Kirk, age 17.

Education: Forbes School, Between 1921 and 1931. 51,168 Mentieth, Glenwood, Manitoba, Canada

Post-School: Farming with parents, ten years, After 1930. 51,169 on S.E. 20-7-22 during the Depression

Grave Marker: Souris & Glenwood Cemetery, 1998. 31 Souris, Manitoba, Canada


Kenneth married Ruth Helen McBurney, daughter of John Albert McBurney and Annie Christina Manning, on 14 Jul 1940 in Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2.,51 (Ruth Helen McBurney was born on 7 Jun 1912 in Mentieth, Glenwood, Manitoba, Canada,1,2,51 died on 6 Dec 2000 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2,51 and was buried on 11 Dec 2000 in Glenwood, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2,25,51.)

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