Karl Mortenson
(Abt 1853-1927)
James Mortenson
Girtie C. C

Claritt Etler Dorothea Mortensen


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Mary Jerina McBurney

Claritt Etler Dorothea Mortensen 2,58

  • Born: 24 Aug 1908, Luck, Polk, Wisconsin, USA 2,4,58
  • Marriage: Mary Jerina McBurney on 2 Nov 1929 in Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada 2,58,89
  • Died: 1 Jun 1984, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada at age 75 2,4,58
  • Buried: 1984, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 4

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LATI N50.0955
LONG W108.4818
LATI N45.5761
LONG W92.4827
LATI N50.0955
LONG W108.4818

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The following article on the Mortenson Family comes from th e History Book "Praitie Profiles" (1979)

NE 27-13-18
Mr. and Mrs. James Mortensen, Claritt, Howard and Helen (Downey) cam e from Luck, Wisconsin, in 1918 to the Verlo district. In the fall o f 1920 they moved to the Art Moat farm in the Queens County district . Howard passed away on November 5, 1921 and is buried in the Gull Lak e Cemetery. Mrs. Mortensen passed away March 15, 1921 and is buried a t Luck, Wisconsin. Mrs. Lexie Graham was a wonderful friend in their t ime of sorrow.
Annie Huben came to keep house for the rest of the family in 1922 an d stayed until 1929. She later married Harold Schandorf. They moved t o Atwater, Saskatchewan and are both deceased and buried there.
The Mortensens moved to Harvey Downey's farm in the fall of 1925 and f armed there until the fall of 1928. During the summers there, James wo uld have good old fashioned barn dances with a good orchestra consisti ng of Mrs. Frank Harvey, Nelson Busse, Martin Osberg and Hugh Adams. I n the winter of 1928 the family lived in Gull Lake in the Floyd Imhof f house. In 1929 they moved to the Tom Trostem farm south of Carmichae l where he farmed until 1932. Before moving to Robb, Alberta, he live d on the Hans Christenson place. James Mortensen passed away in Edmont on, Alberta in 1956 and is buried there.
Claritt and Helen (Downey) attended school at Banks and Queens County . Claritt and Helen (Downey) have a half-brother, Dale Mortensen, wh o lives in Raymond, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McBurney, Ilene, Mary, Dora, Ruth and Lloyd came fro m Souris, Manitoba, to Claydon, Saskatchewan in 1916 and lived there u ntil the fall of 1921 when they moved to Gull Lake and lived in what w as then called the Scout House which was located next to Mr. and Mrs . Herb Sweetings who were wonderful neighbors to the McBurneys.
From there they moved to the Herb Irwin farm and a baby girl, Patrici a "Pat", was born in January, 1922. They moved to the McArthur farm so uthwest of Gilbert Whites, to the McDonald farm east of Ernie Moses an d then to the Joe Small farm in 1924. A son, Stewart, was born in Sept ember, 1923.
In 1925 the McBurneys bought a farm at Simmie, Saskatchewan where the y farmed until they retired to Port Moody, British Columbia, in 1947 . Mr. McBurney passed away August, 1956 and is buried in Forrest Law n at New Westminster, British Columbia. Lloyd passed away in July, 197 6 and is buried in Souris, Manitoba. Dora passed away in August, 1977 , and is buried at Hartney, Manitoba. Mrs. McBurney continues to enjo y good health and is now living in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, with d aughter Ilene and her husband, Ted Corkery, all of them having returne d to Saskatchewan in 1978.
The five oldest McBurney children went to school at Banks and St. Clai r. Ilene, Mary and Ruth all worked for their board to obtain their hig h school education in Gull Lake. Ilene's first teaching position, at t he age of eighteen, was at Mount Royal in 1925 and she boarded with Mr . and Mrs. Wm. Black.
In the summer of 1924, Claritt Mortensen was introduced to the McBurne y girls at a dance at Ear View School. That fall, Mary McBurney went t o work for James Mortensen. Claritt and Mary were married in November , 1929 after a courtship of five years. Three children blessed this co uple: Howard
Bud' in 1930, Dean in 1933 and Karen in 1937.
Claritt and Mary started farming for themselves in 1932 on the Tom Arm strong farm nine miles north of Gull Lake. Our means of transportatio n was a lovely black team and a buggy. Money was in very short suppl y as once we were down to five dollars. Claritt had to have shoes whic h took $2.50 of that so it did not leave much to go on so we were ver y thankful for relief cheques and good neighbors as Wilbur Harveys, Ar t Olsens, Willie Peterson who gave us a heifer calf, Henry Sorensens , and Raymond Sauder. Johnnie Gardner loaned us a cow so we would hav e our milk supply and one morning Claritt milked her, turned her out a nd she went to eat the grass through the fence and lightning struck th e fence and killed the cow.
In the summer of 1935 we lived in the Ernie Evans house and Claritt wo rked for Percy Downey for twenty dollars a month. I tried to gar-den b ut the beet webb worm took all the garden, went over everything includ ing the house, and cleaned out everything edible in their path.
We lived with Bill Carlson the winter of 1935 and moved to the Hans Ch ristianson farm in the spring of 1936. We put in two crops there but o ur returns were not much better than on the Arm-strong place. We farme d the Harry Nelson farm in 1938. Bud started school at Ear View, no t a very big boy on a big horse. His teacher was Rose Cann.
We moved to the Bill Mervyn farm in the spring of 1939, which we bough t and are still farming. We call our farm Rocky Knolls as a result o f a remark my Dad, Jack McBurney, made when we first moved here whic h was "I don't know how you folks will make a living off those
Rock y Knolls"'.
In all our moving around we have had wonderful neighbors and lasting f riends.

NW 22-13-18
I was born in 1930 in the Shaunavon Hospital. Started school at Ear Vi ew then attended Mount Royal, Kemmel Hill in Antelope and finished wit h High School in Gull Lake. Dean has recalled the teachers in the coun try schools.
I married Irene Booker in 1948 and worked for the Pool Elevator in Gul l Lake and then in Regina. We moved to Souris, Manitoba in 1949 an d I worked as a C. P. R. Locomotive Fireman between Souris and Esteva n from 1949 to 1954. In the fall of 1954 we moved back to Gull Lake an d I began work as a battery operator for Mobil Oil. In 1959 we bough t the Joe Rainey farm and farmed along with battery operating.
We have five daughters: Cheryl (Mrs. Wayne Raketti) of Red Deer, Alber ta, who has two children; Terry (Mrs. Dale Irwin) of Saskatoon; Wend y (Mrs. Rick Munt) of Gull Lake who has two children; Debbie who work s at the Research Station in Swift Current and Cindy who is still goin g to school in Gull Lake.
by Dean Mortensen
I was born in 1933 in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. The first school I atte nded was Mount Royal where I attended for three years. The teachers we re Ruth Johnson (MacAuley) and Mrs. Thompson. Then I attended Kemmel H ill in Antelope for four years. The teachers I can recall are Miss Ste ele and Miss Clemintine Smith. Our method of travel to Antelope was ei ther a saddle horse or a one-horse two-wheeled cart. I took the last y ears of schooling in Gull Lake, where I graduated in 1950. I then liv- ed in Swift Current working in lumber and pipe line business until 195 9 when my family and I started farming on the George Dunmire farm nea r Ante-lope Lake. I married the former Lorraine Schriver and we hav e a family of four sons. Our oldest son, Richard married Vicki Peter s of the Verlo district. They live in Gull Lake and have a daughter, T oni Daylene. Our second son, Michael married Linda Haubrick of Moose J aw and Hodgeville. They lived in Swift Current and have a son, Reggi e Michael. On February 19, 1979 Michael was killed in a gas field acci dent. Randall, our third son married Paige Mallette of Saskatoon and i s attending University there. Tedrick, our youngest son is completin g his high school in Gull Lake.

I was born in Gull Lake on October 5, 1937 --the "baby of the family".
I attended Kemmel Hill School along with Bud and Dean for Grade one on ly. The following year Bud was in high school so we transferred to th e Gull Lake Public/High School which I attended for the next eleven ye ars graduating from Grade twelve in 1956. I was one of sixteen grads t o be the first class to graduate from the then new high school at th e southeast side of Gull Lake - all the high school classes having mov ed into the new building in April of that year.
I completed a secretarial course at Garbutts Business College in Medic ine Hat in February 1957 and commenced working at Household Finance i n Swift Current.
In July, 1957 I married Art Carlson from Neidpath, Saskatchewan, who m I first met in 1953 when he worked on a survey crew with the Dept. o f Highways in Gull Lake when the new No. 1 Highway was under construct ion. We lived in Swift Current for sixteen years where Art worked a s a surveyor-draftsman for the Provincial Government on construction o f Grid Roads. During those years I worked as a receptionist at the Med ical Arts Clinic (now the Carmel Medicine Clinic) until our move to Me dicine Hat in 1973.
In 1970 Art left the Provincial Government to go to trade school where , over the next two years, he studied barbering and hairdressing. Afte r apprenticing for one year in Swift Current we decided to buy a busin ess in Medicine Hat so took our leave of Swift Current in 1973 and mov ed to Medicine Hat where Art now owns and operates "His & Hers Coiffur es". I have been employed as a legal secretary for the past two year s after having spent two and a half years working for Social Services.
We have three children, all born at Swift Current: Steven Lane who mar ried a Medicine Hat girl, Carol Wenzel and they, along with their daug hter Sarah Lynne, live in Medicine Hat, Kristine Ellen and David Arthu r, still at home and attending High School. Of my early years I recal l happy, carefree playing with Josie Hershberger, Camilla Olsen and An n Holtby who used to visit at Grandma Holtby's every summer. I also re member attending homemaker meetings with Mom and playing with all th e other kids (and probably getting into some trouble too) while our Mo ms held their meetings. I don't remember, but have been told, that Shi rley Appleyard (Logan) and I walked on and broke out a few panes of gl ass from some storm windows at one such meeting (or perhaps it was a q uilting party)! Mom can probably clarify this.
Of my teen years I recall many, many dances, usually on Friday night s at the Antelope Hall. I remember many times when, before the days o f microphones, Dad would come home from those dances so hoarse he coul dn't talk after calling square dances!
I am also told that Dad was, for several years and unbeknown to me, "S anta Claus" at the annual Christmas concert held at the Antelope Commu nity Hall.

bullet  Burial Notes:

Event Description: Gull Lake Cemetery - Block 10, Section 17, Plot 2


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Family History, 1979. 91 Taken from the Antelope District History Book "Family Profiles". Th e text of these photos is detailed under "Research Notes".

Cemetery: Gull Lake & District Cemetery, 1984. Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
1908 - 19841909 - 2004
MARRIED NOV. 2, 1929

1910 Census of Wisconsin, USA: Claritt D. E., age 2, with father James, age 27, and mother Girtie C, 3 May 1910. 183 . C., age 22, with servant Katie L. Nelson, age 19.
Luck, Polk, Wisconsin, USA

Canadian Voter List, 1965. 23 Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

1921 Census of Canada: Clarritt, age 13, with father James, age 38, mother Girtie, age 32, an, 1921. 27 d siblings Howard, age 10, and Helen, age 7, with servants Harry Gesde d, age 22, and Otto Svendsen, age 18.
Webb, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Residence: Sec. 17, Twp. 13, Rge. 17, W3, 1921. 27 Webb, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Immigrated: from Luck, Polk, Wisconsin, USA, 1918. 27 Webb, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

1926 Census of Prairie Provinces, Canada: Clarett, age 18, with father James, age 43, and sister Helen, age 13, 1926. 24 Gull Lake, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada


Claritt married Mary Jerina McBurney, daughter of John Albert McBurney and Annie Christina Manning, on 2 Nov 1929 in Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada 2,58.,89 (Mary Jerina McBurney was born on 18 Mar 1909 in Mentieth, Glenwood, Manitoba, Canada,2,58,90 died on 21 Dec 2004 in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 4 and was buried in 2004 in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 4,22.)

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